Building A New Property And Worried About The Lawn? Have An Inground Sprinkler Installed Right Away


If you are building a new house and you are wondering what to do with landscaping, make sure you consider adding a sprinkler system to the project. Adding the sprinkler at the time of construction prevents you from having to dig the ground up at a later time, and there are many benefits.

The sprinkler systems today include moisture detection, self-timers, wireless control and more. Here are just a few of the reasons you want to consider using a sprinkler system outside your home.

You Won't Over Water

Over watering your yard can be just as damaging as letting your grass and landscaping go without water. The sprinkler system will have sensors that will stop watering the yard if the grass is damp from the rain, or if the ground is wet and the yard is getting overwatered. This will prevent you from wasting water as well as lower your watering costs.

You Don't Have to Be Home

Do you have a busy work schedule where you leave before the sun comes up or you don't get home before the sun goes down? Are you out of town frequently or you can't trust your spouse that's home to water the greenery on your property? If so, it would be great to have an automatic sprinkler that goes off to water the grass and everything while you can't do it yourself. This keeps your greenery looking green.

Control it No Matter Where You're At

An in-ground sprinkler system with wireless activation and controls, and that's connected to the home security control system, is going to be ideal because you can change the settings no matter where you are from an online device. You can also have the sprinkles set to turn on with the home alarm system if the fire alarm or smoke alarm is triggered.

If you want your lawn to look great and you don't want to walk out there with a hose or set up a sprinkler every time the grass needs to get watered, have an in-ground sprinkler system installed before you put down sod or grass seed. The sprinkler system is going to help you get more out of the house when you go to sell it down the line, and it's going to help make maintaining the property and keeping the house looking great easy for you no matter what your schedule or lifestyle is like.

For more information, talk with companies that specialize in sprinkler installation, such as Rainscape Inc.


21 December 2015

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