Prepping Your Combine For Harvest

25 Jul

When you hit the field for harvest every year, you have zero time for anything else, and breakdowns can cost you time and serious money. Completing a maintenance checklist and planning for repairs before fall arrives can help ensure that your combine will perform the way you need it to. Minimizing problems and downtime in the fall can make a big difference in your bottom line. 

Manufacturer’s Manual

As an agricultural expert, you may chafe at the notion of relying on the owner’s manual. You probably do have a lot of knowledge about your machinery and how it should work, but reviewing the manual every year is an excellent way to refresh your memory. In addition, you should use the maintenance checklist to make certain you are ready to run when the grain is ready. The manual will give you specifics for fluid and filter changes as well as tips for lubrication. Also, the manual will help you access wear and tear on the belt, chain, and sprockets. You should also be able to find additional information on the manufacturer’s website. Simply investing enough time on routine maintenance can minimize breakdowns and keep your machine running without unnecessary downtime. 

Tune Up

Take the time on a rainy day or two to check over your machine. Start it up and drive it a bit. If you have any doubts about your combine’s condition, call your dealer and schedule a mechanical checkup. If you do this in July or August, your life will run more smoothly during harvest season. Plus, you won’t have to wait long for the mechanic’s appointment. 

Parts Plans

If you haven’t tried ordering parts online yet, investigate that option this summer. Although your dealer carries some parts, they often have to order some for your repair needs. If you order a replacement part online, you can have it delivered to your home, often by the next day, and replace it. This process can save you several days of waiting and also spare you from having to drive into town to get the parts from the dealer. During harvest, even a few hours of wasted time can cost you thousands of dollars. 

During slower times in the summer, prep your combine for the stress of this year’s harvest. Take care of the routine maintenance and have a mechanic look it over if necessary. Also, find your online parts source and create an account. You’ll save time when you need it most. To learn more, contact a company like TractorTool

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