Three Tips For Pruning Your Plants


Pruning is an essential task for maintaining the health of your plants. Unfortunately, it can be common for those that are new to gardening to be fairly uncertain of the steps that they should take when pruning, and this can lead to some fairly serious problems. To help you avoid these hazards, you will want to be aware of the following few pruning tips.

Sharpen Your Tools Before Pruning

In order to avoid damaging the plant when pruning it, you will want to ensure that your pruning shears are as sharp as possible. If you attempt to prune your plants with dull shears, you may find that you crush the stems. When sharpening the shears, you will want to follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Incorrectly sharpening your shears can severely damage the blades, which may require you to replace them.

Know Whether It Is Necessary To Seal The Pruning Cut

Many plants can be at risk of developing infections or other problems around the area that was cut during the pruning. Once one of these infections gets started, it can be very difficult to combat, and it may kill your plant or take an entire growing season to heal. You will need to thoroughly research which plants require this type of post-pruning care. In instances where a sealant is required, you should only use substances that are recommended by plant care professionals. Some individuals will simply use glue for this task, and this can be extremely harmful to the plant.

Prune During The Winter Months

The time of year that you prune the plant can be essential for minimizing the stress and damage that the plant experiences. Sadly, there are some individuals that will perform this type of maintenance during the spring or summer months, and this can cause problems for the plants. This stems from the fact that when a plant has been pruned during the prime growing season, it will have to expend much of its energy healing rather than growing and preparing for winter. Additionally, the summer months are often extremely active times for insects, and this may expose the cut portions of the plant to further damage from these pests. To minimize this disruption to your plants, you should always prune them during the winter late winter months. By pruning the plant during this time of the year, you can give the plant enough time to recover before the start of spring.

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17 October 2016

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