Don't Let It Lose Its Luster: How To Protect Your New Tractor


You've invested a lot of money into that new tractor, and the last thing you want is to have it fall apart on you. Unfortunately, if you're not taking proper care of your tractor, that's exactly what can happen to it. You might not realize this, but your tractor needs routine maintenance as much as your family car does; maybe more. Here are four simple yet effective steps you can take to extend the life of your new tractor. 

Load Up on the Mothballs

If your tractor is housed on a farm, chances are good that you've got some mice living on the property. If you're not taking proper precautions, those mice could start setting up housekeeping in your tractor. Before long, they could chew through the wiring, the upholstery, and anything else they can sink their teeth into.

You can keep the mice away by stocking the cabin of your tractor with mothballs. The mothballs will repel the mice and protect your tractor from rodent damage.

Avoid Fuel Tank Condensation

If you don't keep your fuel tank full, you should be. Most fuel tanks on tractors are made of heavy-duty plastic. Unfortunately, plastic tends to promote condensation, which can wreak havoc on a tractor's fuel system.

If you regularly leave your fuel tank half full, you could have a serious condensation problem. To avoid issues relating to condensation, such as poor fuel mileage, engine mishaps, and algae in the tank, you should keep your fuel tank full.

Keep It Clean and Shiny

Your tractor takes a lot of abuse, especially out in those fields. It may end up with quite an accumulation of dirt and gunk on it. You might not think that your tractor needs to be washed and waxed, but it actually does.

You see, most tractors come complete with a fiberglass body. Unfortunately, once dirt starts eating away at the fiberglass, it's just a matter of time before you start noticing chips and cracks in the body. Not only that, but the caked on dirt can wreak havoc on the engine and transmission, as well.

To protect your tractor, be sure to give it a thorough washing at least a couple of times a month. While you're at it, be sure to give the fiberglass body a fresh coat of wax too.

Don't Let Repairs Wait

When it comes to your tractor, one of the worst things you can do is let the repairs wait. Postponing a simple repair can end up costing you additional time and money in the long run.

Delaying necessary repairs can shorten the life expectancy of your tractor, which means you'll be investing in a new one before you actually need to. Avoid costly repairs and replacement by taking care of the mechanical issues as soon as they pop up.


18 June 2018

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